English version - important info!

Dear friends,

welcome to our new e-shop!

As our new webshop provider just this week enabled a multi-language feature, there are unfortunately still temporary bugs in the English version of the e-shop, that complicate shopping. We are very sorry for any discomfort, working on fixing this mistake.

What is the problem with English language version now: the English frontpage  does not show artices, products and categories properly. On the other hand, the English version of shopping cart and the checkout process works just fine.

Our recommendation for easier shopping:

1) While browsing the products at the webshop, searching for plants, adding them to cart etc., please stay in the Czech language version. The Czech language version is complete and even has some hints for you in the Category names.

2) When you finish shopping and move on to the checkout, you can switch the language to English version. And then finish your purchase choose shipping and payment method, fill in your address etc.) already in English without any troubles.

In case of any complications or questions, feel free to contact us by Facebook, Messenger, phone, mail - we are ready to help!

Mirek and Stanya